Carlo Argenton

To my dearest friend Carlo,

September 20th, 2020 has marked the second anniversary of Carlo’s passing, leaving a void that is still difficult to comprehend and bear. To this day I think of the positive impact and influence he had and continues to have on my life and, I’m certain, to the life of so many of his friends.

Carlo lived in many countries around the world, from Indonesia to Norway, and struck friendships wherever he went. With many friends that were unable to attend his funeral, it is the wish behind this website to act as a platform open to all of you where you can share a memory, post a photo, a short video, or even a poem in honour of your friendship with Carlo. As a useful repository of remembrance, we wish this website to act as a growing digital book of memories.

Through this website, Carlo’s family further wishes to raise awareness of Lyme disease and provide a channel to raise funds for medical research, both in Italy and in the US, on this disease of which so little is still known.

In the last few months of his life, Carlo wrote a book, currently in the final stages of its editing process, which will be published on this website and shared with you soon.

In light of his extraordinary academic achievements and talent, the EJPT (European Journal of Political Theory), through Carlo’s friend and colleague Enzo Rossi), has instituted an annual prize in his name for the best research article published in each volume of EJPT. The link will also be available on this website.
I would like to immensely thank the Argenton family for their encouragement and support for this initiative, and for allowing all of us to share Carlo’s memories with them.

In loving memory,
Paolo Ziggiotti.

Cult of Me
You by day, me by night,
Once settled where to grab a bite, 
Whilst sipping on some coffee, tea,
Rehearse the solemn cult of me.  
Me by day, you by night, 
For fame a goatish appetite,  
Contrive a scheme for all to see
The saintly glory infusing me. 
You by day, me by night, 
See, dazzled by my being so bright,
In the archives of my infancy
Roadmaps for all posterity. 
Me by day, you by night,
No pleasantry of small delight,
Just thinking, all so improbably,
How to think of me, agreeably.

all the moments we remember