Why Lyme Disease

Carlo suffered from an undiagnosed Lyme disease for over 20 years.

He was treated instead for a disease he never suffered from (Crohn) despite being checked several times in the best hospitals and despite doctors’ skepticism on the diagnosis due to several anomalies.

After the Crohn disease was definitely ruled out by one of the best Italian pathologist, the Lyme disease was finally diagnosed thanks to an Israeli/Albanian doctor. The diagnosis was further confirmed by Dr Giusto Trevisan, an Italian specialist on Lyme Disease. An appointment with Dr Richard Horowitz in New York was then arranged but unfortunately, it was too late.

An early diagnosis and a simple antibiotic treatment could have saved 20 years of Carlo’s pain and Carlo’s life.

Beside for remembering Carlo, we have set up this website to raise awareness on this subtle, potentially dangerous and poorly known disease.

We encourage you to visit the Lyme Disease Association websites, Italian and American to get more information about the Lyme disease.

Donation can be done directly on those websites as well as on the following PAYPAL account (whose funds will be transferred to the Italian Lyme Disease Association).

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