While ill, Carlo had been writing about his thoughts. Unfortunately, he could not accomplish his task. Yet, what he wrote is inspirational and worth reading.

Thanks to Antonio Zotti, his writing has been edited and translated into English for the sake of numerous Carlo’s friends and colleagues unaccustomed with the Italian language.

Both versions, English and Italian, are included in the same digital file. Two different types of files are available: pdf and EPUB.

Download the book

Feel free to download the file. In case you do so, you are kindly invited to make a donation (any, and not compulsory), to the Italian Lyme Association. https://associazionelymeitalia.org

We are planning to print some copies of Carlo’s writing. In case you are interested to have one, please write your request with your home address to the following email and we will mail it to you: carloargentonwebsite@gmail.com