Claudio D’Alba’s Message

It is so difficult to describe such a complex personality, like Carlo had, in just a few words.

Carlo was an exception among the exceptions.

I have known a few brilliant men, but Carlo had the sharpest mind I have ever encountered. He was cultured but he was also fun to be with. He was gifted yet humble. He was someone with whom was nearly impossible to have a conflict, yet he was not a mediator and he would stand behind his point.

Carlo was so much more than his culture, than his academic brilliance because of his sensitivity which was proper of an artist. Carlo was, in many ways, καλὸς κἀγαθός.

Carlo was an ambitious dreamer who still had a lot to say, and that is why it is so painful to write these few words.

All the words that Carlo could have written, all the thoughts… bear a weight of which we will never know the importance.

And yet, these few words could not touch what Carlo really was…