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My dear friend – 5 years anniversary

My dear friend Carlo, our lives crossed path for a few years only, but I can say with certainty that my memories of you will never fade. You were an incredible human being and I miss you greatly. From the first time we met in Bali in 2006 pretending to be the kings of the night, to our endless hours stuck in Jakarta’s traffic jam on our way to work listening to Bob Dylan in 2008, to our evenings in London while you were doing your PhD, and finally to the last time I saw you at my wedding in 2014, I will remember you forever as a great friend, always joyful, but also extremely talented and interesting to be around. I opened today the book you gave me as a wedding gift (Think by Simon Blackburn) and I saw a note that you left inside, it made me smile. I always wanted to be as eloquent and cultivated as you were and this book was a perfect introduction into your world. I will read it again. Here is a picture of that note. I cannot believe you have been gone for five years today. I miss you. Lots of love. Carl


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