Sinty’s Message

Darling Carlo,

I’ll always remember the times we went to The Ritz to drink Champagne.
The very best bubbles, in the swankiest of lounges, in our very best outfits.
Me donning a fedora hat and you with your favourite red pullover.
We laughed and laughed until the last drops were devoured
– that is to say, the last drops from our one and only glass.
For that was all we could afford, just the one glass!
I was a poor artist and you a student.
Our conversations revolved around our love lives and fierce ambitions.
I would be a famous artist, and you a great philosopher changing the hearts and minds of the world.
We’d be so rich and famous that one day, we would even order a whole bottle.
I miss speaking to you.
Most people saw you as a beautiful, intelligent, charming gent…. which of course you were.
But I was lucky to see your dark humour, your insanely sharp wit and your ability to see things as they really were.
Farewell my beloved Carlo, my beloved Puppy.
I shall raise a glass of Champagne for you at the Ritz… but only just the one, until we meet again.

Your Sinty

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